For timing scripts, we've thought of everything. combines 3 different script formats, 3 speech speeds and 2 language options to calculate spoken length of your written copy. It revolutionizes your copywriting experience!

Language Support:

Calculate English or Spanish scripts
*does not provide translations.

3 Speech Speeds:

Choose the speed that your dialogue is spoken at.

Save & Print:

Save your scripts online in .DOC or .PDF formats and print your script directly from the timer.

  • English & Spanish
  • 3 Speech Speeds
  • Save & Print Scripts

Even if you only occasionally work with scripts for radio, TV, video, podcasts, speeches, or presentations—you'll appreciate the huge savings in time and money Copytimer™ delivers.

Go ahead. Just grab a script, paste it in and see why Copytimer™ is the program writers and producers have been waiting for!